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Venue & Facility

The Overlook Pavilion is located at Port Annapolis Marina (P.A.M.) which is a 16 acre private marina which operates to further its purpose in the maritime industry; and P.A.M. maintains a Pavilion to be used for maritime wedding receptions, galas, yacht club rendezvous, and other related functions.

P.A.M. is a working marina Monday through Friday from 8AM – 4:30PM.  Weekends are designated for Ceremony or Receptions due to potential heavy traffic and equipment noise during the week.

Yes, scheduled site tours during the season are Monday – Friday from 8AM – 5PM, or weekends after mid-October through mid- April.

We offer Guest Parking for up to 60 cars.  The Overlook Pavilion parking lot is located off the main road down a residential road and can hold up to 55 cars.  We provide another 5-8 parking spaces closer to the site for family, elderly or handicap if needed.  If your guest count is 175 -200 we suggest getting transportation off our Vendor List.

Events with a guest count greater than 175 seated may be required to rent an additional tent, size appropriate and have shuttle transportation arranged.  A $500.00 additional fee may apply.

We have four unisex restrooms adjacent to the pavilion. One is handicapped accessible.

The allotted block of time is based upon the signed Event Contract and includes time to decorate and clean-up by the Contracting Party.  All events must end by the Event Contracted time.  No event can end later than 10PM, with 10pm – 11pm designated for the Contracting Party, Event Coordinator, or Cater to clean up, disposing of trash from the site and break down rentals.   **Please note, caterers typically need at least 2 hours for set-up and one 1 hour to break-down – caterer is the last to leave by 11:00pm.

Yes, typically a caterer will need two hours for setup and an hour for cleanup for events.  No event can end later than 10PM, with cleanup ending at 11pm, as we have a noise ordinance.

An hour ceremony rehearsal is a courtesy we work around other Friday scheduled events, either earlier in the day from 3:30PM-4:30PM or two days prior to your wedding.  All rehearsals are scheduled 45 days giving us a better idea what day works best around other scheduled events.  Port Annapolis Marina staff may be on site; however we do not assist with the rehearsals.

  • Candles are permitted, however we highly recommend LED candles.
  • We provide several hooks to hang items or to support additional lighting options.  Anything that will cause damage or penetrates the wood may not be used (nails, thumbtacks, staples, etc)
  • Eco-friendly/green, such as bubbles or rose petals is permitted. Ceremonial throwing of rice, bird seed, silk petals, glitter, confetti, Chinese/sky lanterns, and fire crackers or firework’s are prohibited.
  • Absolutely no grilling or cooking under the Overlook Pavilion or adjacent Gazebo
  • Due to the inlayed ceiling, only Port Annapolis Marina heater units may be used under the Overlook Pavilion
  • Smoking is permitted in a designated smoking area.

You are welcome to take photos on the winding steps to the pier, the pier, and throughout the pavilion gardens.

No, you may not board any vessel/boats as they are independently owned

You may, to access the dockage closer to the pavilion site; this will need to be scheduled through the Facility Coordinator and Dock Master.

The Overlook Pavilion is pet friendly.  Our policy is all animals must be on a leash.

Event Services

Port Annapolis Marina (“PAM”) rentals include tax.  ALL “PAM” rentals are set up by “PAM” staff for the contracted event rental time, per the final layout IF provided.   “PAM” will clear “PAM” rentals at the end of the contracted event time or by 9am the following morning.

The 45×65 Overlook Pavilion, Adjacent Gazebo, slate patio pavers, landscaped grounds to the deck, and Event Package Rentals.

  • “PAM” rentals are set up by “PAM” prior to the Event Contracted timeframe, so the Contracting Party may occupy the Overlook Pavilion to decorate by the Event Contracted time.  “PAM” will clear the Overlook Pavilion of “PAM” rentals at 11pm or by 9am the following morning.
  • If a floor plan is submitted, “PAM” will setup “PAM” rentals per draft, nevertheless the Contracting Party, an Event Coordinator or Caterer are responsible for the final layout.  If you choose to change the set up after the Contracted Event start time, it will be the responsibility of Contracting Party, Event Coordinator, or Cater to do so.  If you use the same “PAM” chairs for both the ceremony and reception, “PAM” will set up for the ceremony; Contracting Party, Event Coordinator, or Caterer will be responsible to move the chairs to the set reception tables.
  • There is an additional charge of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($150) for “PAM” to assist after the CONTRACTED EVENT RENTAL TIME.  Also the fee applies for the removal of chairs from the ceremony site, clearing the yard or to help move chairs from the ceremony site to the set tables/reception, also to include deck furniture replacement.
  • Reception packages have more rentals included; however we include a number of tables and chairs in our Event Packages.
  • All Event Packages differ concerning quantity of listed tables and chairs; however each package has the following:
  • Basic chairs
  • 60” round tables (seat 8) with basic chairs
  • Rectangle table(s) of choice

The sites flexibility allows you to rent the linens and all other needs (china, glassware, silverware, etc) through an outside vendor or from the caterer.  The site may be as DIY or rent from one of our outside “Suggested Vendors” request a list.

All tables must be covered with some type of protection, i.e. linens, paper or plastic covering.

Not at this time.  Additional tents are permitted on the grass and over the slate pavers, however due to our underground irrigation system and internet cables we strongly encourage water barrels vs. staking tents.  Final location MUST be pre-approved by “PAM”. Please refer to the “Suggested Vendor” list to rent an additional tent.

We do not. The Facilities Coordinator is here to assist you with your paperwork and layout prior to your event; however the flexibility of the site allows the Contracted Event to plan and execute their event solo, although we highly recommend using an Event Coordinator or Caterer to help fulfill your timeline.

During an event at the Overlook Pavilion site located within Port Annapolis Marina (P.A.M.), a staff member will be on the grounds to supervise the site and ensure the facility is treated with respect as well as assist your hired Vendors if required.

Food & Beverage

Yes.  The flexibility of the site allows the Contracted Event to plan and execute their event themselves, hire an Event Coordinator, or Caterer to oversee the function.  Our “Suggested Caterer” List  have either worked on the property knowing how the site works without a kitchen or have had a complete site tour aware of the location to set up a kitchen tent as well as the location of dumpster #3 to dispose all garbage.   ALL caters shall be required to sign Port Annapolis Marina’s “Vender Contract”.  We reserve all rights of final approval of the caterer selected and equipment to be used for the event.

  • Any outside Caterer/Vendor rentals or equipment MUST be delivered, set up, and removed during the Contracted Event date and Contracted rental time.
  • “PAM” is not responsible for any outside Caterer/Vendor rentals or equipment delivered, set up or removal.  Final location of caterer kitchen tent and prep must be pre-approved by “PAM”. All outside Caterers/Vendors will be responsible for their rentals and equipment; including delivery, set up, and removal DURING

You may.  All events will be required to purchase a “Special Event Liability Insurance Policy” to include “Host Liquor Liability” if beer, wine, or spirits are served and caterer is not covering the Liquor Liability. (see additional Insurance page)

All trash from the wooden receptacles to include boxes, recyclables, and decorations must be removed from the site at the end of the event and put into designated dumpster #3 is for the pavilion by either the Contracted Event Party.  Leaving garbage at the site will forfeit your security deposit

Contracts & Payments

No, we do not hold dates.  Once you receive a contract from us, a signed copy must be returned along with the security deposit of $500.00.

After the security deposit are paid and returned, the final Event Contract balance is due 45 days before your event date.

To cover additional cleaning as well as an extra garbage pickup, events serving crabs must pay a non-refundable charge of $150.00.

The security deposit will be returned within 30 days after the event once the Overlook Pavilion, adjacent gazebo, landscaped grounds to the deck, slate pavers and ALL “PAM” rentals are accounted for, left clean, and confirmed undamaged.

Yes. A standard $1,000,000 policy is required at least one week prior to your event.  This can be purchased through websites online.  Costs are anywhere between $75 – $175 through the websites online.

For all other contract questions, including rescheduling and cancellation, please request a sample contract.

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