How to Keep Cool Aboard Your Vessel

Dec 07, 2021

Port Annapolis



We’ve all been there before: excitedly leaving the dock in the cool evening summer air only to find yourself constantly sweating moments later in the open water. Yes, here at Port Annapolis, boating is our favorite way to beat the heat. But sometimes, the weather is just SO hot that even the relief found aboard the boat needs a little something extra for boaters to get comfortable and make it an enjoyable experience. The next time that happens, try these tips to raise your boat’s chill factor:

Splash the Deckhose1
The process of water evaporating emanates a cooling effect to offset the hot weather aboard your vessel. Use the wash-down hose, or a bucket, and splash down your fiberglass or wood cockpit sole. (Note: If your boat’s sole is covered in glued-down carpet, this tip may not be for you). Doing so will noticeably drop the “local” temperature and provide relief for you and your crew members.

Install Hatches Hinged Aft
Deck hatches, or those in hardtops, are best installed so that they are hinged aft. This way, while anchored, any breeze will flow into the boat when the hatches are open. Although some hatches are installed, hinges forward on the premise that they will simply close, instead of ripping out. Should a careless captain take off into the wind, you might still consider altering their configuration and being a bit more responsible with your acceleration habits in exchange for some much-needed cooling during the summer months—that’s a trade-off your guests will be thankful for! You can also install a wind-scoop to make your hatches even more effective.

Drink lots of water. It’s what your body needs to cool down when the temps heat up! Always stock up your cooler with plenty of water and ice before leaving the dock. Stop by the Ships Store or The Wet Dog Café to fill your cooler before heading out on the water!

Cover Hatches and Ports
A dark cabin is a cool cabin! While you can have custom hatch and port covers sewn by a canvas fabricator, simply draping towels secured by lines or weights will reduce the solar gain and keep the cabin cooler.

Just like a car sitting in the sun, your boat can also be a hot spot. These few simple steps can help improve your boating experience and make sure you have a cool and fun time on the water!

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