It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…(For Buying a Boat!)

Dec 20, 2015

Port Annapolis



It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…(For Buying a Boat!)Are you eagerly compiling your Christmas letter to get it to the North Pole in time for the elves to get cracking on making your wishes come true? If a new boat is at the top of your wish list, why not make it a bit easier on the little guys and buy it yourself?

A Buyer’s Market…

During the boating off-season, boat dealers, just like car dealers, are trying to clear out last year’s inventory to make room for the incoming new models—creating the perfect situation for you to score a great deal on a new vessel. Plus, while new boat sales have been steadily increasing over the past couple years since the recession (up almost 10% in 2012), they’re still considerably below what the industry would deem “strong”—meaning dealers have an extra incentive to give you a favorable deal. As the weather grows colder, survey your local dealers—keeping your eyes peeled for mark-downs and keeping in mind that they’re likely willing to negotiate soon-to-be outdated models.

Opportunities Abound…

Winter is jam-packed with boat shows and exhibitions, which are great opportunities to meet and talk with the manufacturers and industry experts. Decide what kind of boat type and features you’re looking for before you attend one of these events and then take advantage of these experts’ knowledge to find the perfect fit for you. Boat dealers attend these events for one reason: to meet customers in person to try and earn their business. Tell them what you’re in the market for and the chances are good you can get a great deal right on the spot if you play your cards right.

Save, But Don’t Compromise…

Many first-time boat-buyers make the regrettable error of buying a boat ill-suited for their specific needs—if you’re planning on spending 99% of your time on the water fishing, why would you buy a ski boat just because you found a great deal on one? Sure, saving money is a great feeling, but even better is being ultimately happy with your purchase. A boat is an investment for the future—it’s worth potentially spending a little more to make sure you’re getting a boat that will allow you to enjoy your individual aquatic activities for years to come.

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