Bottom Painting & Barrier Coating

Port Annapolis Marina’s crew can take care of one of the dirtiest maintenance jobs on your boat. Nobody enjoys sanding and painting the bottom of their boat. Whether you need a new barrier coat system, blister repair or a seasonal bottom, our crew can recommend the best bottom paint coatings for your boat.

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Bottom Painting

Let us help you with one of the “dirty jobs” on your boat – Bottom Painting. Our experienced crew can sand the bottom and apply the paint of your choice or we can recommend the best paint for your boat.

The Standard Process:
• Prep Sand Bottom
• Inspect Bottom Keel and Running Gear
• Wash/Clean bottom & water line
• Apply one coat of antifouling to bottom
• Apply desired coating to prop shaft and strut
• Install new zinc

Barrier Coating – Blister Repair

Your boat may have many years of paint build up or blistering on some or the entire bottom. Our crew has over 40 year experience and can get your boats bottom back to like new condition.

Renewing Bottom Process:

  • Check current moisture level of bottom
  • Mediablast bottom to remove all bottom paint and open any blisters
  • Ensure bottom is at proper moister levels to apply new product
  • Repair any blisters or imperfections on bottom
  • Apply barrier coating to proper mill thickness
  • Apply two coats of new antifouling

** Bottom peeling and re-laminating available also. Contact the marina to discuss the process and cost 

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Bottom Painting & Barrier Coating
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